Speech therapy

The method of rehabilitation for speech disorders in all stages such as balbuties, speech delay, articulation problems, hardness of hearing.

Stammering: It's an oral speech problem that shows up in children and adults. Speech is usually characterised from stucking in the first note of the word, e.g: "ccccome hhhhere" as well as word repetition such as: "come come come...here". This lack of flow is usually connected with facial expressions and rhythm, breathing and speech speed disturbances.

Speech Delay: Even though each child has its own rate of development, speech delay is detected when the child does not start saying its first words during the first 12-18 months since birth. Furthermore, if at the age of 2 1/2 years old the child has not either started yet to use phrases with two or three words or to understand simple instructions, then it shows speech delay.